¿What is Greenfield?

Our Activities

GREENFIELD helps make farms more competitive and more sustainable. We do it using agronomic knowledge, and with the help of technology.

Technology allows us to greatly improve agronomic knowledge about what is happening, and about what may happen in the future in crops.

We analyze the crops with satellite images, with georadars, with sensors of different types, with images from drones, with physical samples, etc.

Then, we process the information obtained with geostatistical tools, and handle the data obtained with instruments that allow us to extract the maximum information from the farms.

We cannot limit ourselves to giving information on the current situation of what is seen in the field, but we report on problems that have not yet been detected, and situations that will occur in the future using predictive models.

We are based on historical information, current information, agronomic knowledge, and what is seen in the field, because “You have to step on the field”

We are sure that in the field, technology is not going to replace people, but people who use technology will replace those who do not.

Technology is not an end. Technology is the means that allows us to have a better knowledge of what is happening in the fields and how to act, make decisions and make crops more profitable. That is why our slogan is:

"Farmers using Technologies"

Our goal is that the farmer or agricultural companies or industries that are supplied by agriculture improve their profitability, their ability to compete.

  • Precision Farming
  • Farming 4.0
  • Agrotecnología
  • Digitalización del mundo agro
  • Big Data
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Neuronal Network
  • Drons
  • Satelite
  • Thermographic Images
  • Sensoring
  • IoT
  • Probes
  • Radar

All of the above are only instruments that we use to carry out our work. They are the tools we use.

Our goal is that the farmer or agricultural companies or industries that are supplied by agriculture improve their profitability, their ability to compete.


GREENFIELD TECHNOLOGIES, S.L., is a precision agriculture company that uses agronomic knowledge and relies on technology to help improve the profitability, competitiveness and environmental sustainability of agriculture holdings.


Greenfield is directed towards contributing our agronomic and technological knowledge in an industry that is evolving very fast. We are clear about our obligation to be a benchmark in those crops in which we are specialized. We must take advantage of the growth potential of the sector and the advantageous starting point in which we find ourselves to be a relevant player at an international level

Our work is governed by honesty understood as the imperative need to provide a good quality of service

Humbleness makes us aware that no matter how much we know, there are always many things that we do not yet control. That is why we have to be constantly learning, listening and detecting specific needs of the farmer

Curiosity moves us to be constantly researching, creating and designing new services

No matter how much we study, no matter how much we learn, no matter how much technology we use, in the end what tells us if what we do is correct or not is to go to the field. Going to the field, checking in situ what is happening, is what brings common sense to our work

In agriculture, there are numerous uncontrolled variables that make it difficult to manage, and maximize the quantity and quality of production: climate, soil, disease-pests, management, etc., which also change from year to year and from farm to farm. other.

On the other hand, farmers have more and more demands: reduced prices received, environmental demands, increased cost of their production factors. Agronomic companies still find unexpected aspects that limit their competitiveness.

Greenfield's value proposition is to provide information about crops using technology, to facilitate decision making with predictive models. It is not just technology. We combine agronomic knowledge, personal support and technology, which is differential compared to most precision agriculture companies.

Currently Greenfield provides its services throughout the Iberian Peninsula. Its headquarters are in Extremadura (Badajoz) and it has a delegation with equipment and personnel in Monzón (Huesca).

We are in the process of internationalization, through a geographic expansion project. As preliminary steps to this growth to other countries, we are currently providing services in California (USA), Argentina, Egypt, Nigeria, Italy, Turkey,