Origins of Greenfield Technologies

Farmers Using Technology

The 2010s saw an unparalleled technological revolution for agriculture. As farmers and managers of large areas of cultivation, the founding partners of Greenfield Technologies had the vision to take advantage of their training and their agronomic knowledge to implement new technologies that would facilitate their day-to-day decision making with objective data from their crops. They wanted to bring precision to agriculture.

However, few companies offered clear options in those years, so an idea arose from their needs: to offer themselves the necessary technology to carry out Precision Agriculture.

Today, and since 2014, with a team of more than 12 people in two national delegations, Greenfield Technologies is present throughout the Iberian Peninsula and expanding to other countries of the European Union and America.

Starting Up in Research Centers

Greenfield Technologies was founded in 2014 (under the name of AGRODRONE) with the aim of offering, both companies and farmers, a new perspective of carrying out the management of agricultural farms through new technologies, which previous years had been acquired thanks to the collaboration with agricultural research centers and the knowledge contributed by two CICYTEX researchers who embarked on the project.

Focused on new Technologies

The beginnings of Greenfield Technologies were determined by defining precision agriculture services that truly delivered agronomic results. In this way, from the constitution of the company until 2017, its objective was to fine-tune the processes that would really help technicians and farmers in the management of their crops, applying and adapting new technologies that would allow analyzing parameters of soil, plant and climate, and whose results could be arranged in an agronomic language.

And in the field...

For their part, large companies in the sector have realized the need and benefits of making use of precision agriculture, finding in Greenfield Technologies an ally to exercise Agriculture 4.0.