Are you a company in the agricultural sector?

Greenfield Technologies helps you to digitise your processes through the Digital Kit.

Greenfield Technologies can help you to digitise your company through the Digital Kit Programme, which is co-financed by the Next Generation(EU) funds of the Recovery and Resilience Mechanism. Through this programme, the applicant is eligible for up to 12,000 euros of grant funding spread across different categories of an extensive catalogue of services.

Our solution

The digitisation solutions offered by Greenfield Technologies through the Kit Digital catalogue focus on the digitisation of small and medium-sized companies in the agricultural sector through the implementation of precision agriculture systems that make the crops planted more sustainable. Our solution falls into the following categories.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

Within this category Greenfield offers the following solution:

Solution name: Digitalización para el seguimiento de cultivos

Description of the solution: Through the Digital Kit, Greenfield Technologies provides a solution to digitise the tracking and monitoring of crop health by processing and analysing agronomic data from different information sources, such as satellite images, climate data and historical data from previous crops. Specifically, this solution will allow the beneficiary to access a web platform through which he can access the following information:

    • Analysis of the evolution of the crop, providing maps of different vegetation and humidity indices
    • Irrigation recommendations calculated on the basis of the water requirements of the crop
    • Crop anomaly alerts. Based on the application of different Artificial Intelligence technologies, it is possible to identify potential problems before they are detected by the farmer.
    • Yield prediction and optimal harvest date for different crops. Through the application of artificial intelligence and the analysis of large volumes of data, the production and optimal harvest date for different crops such as industrial tomatoes and olive groves are predicted.

Price range:  From €20 per hectare. The final price of the solution will depend on the number of hectares to which the service is applied.

Target audience: All companies with less than 50 employees that meet the requirements set out in the Digital Kit call for proposals.

Amount of the subsidy: The amount of the grant depends on the number of employees of the applicant company, being €1500 for companies with 0-3 employees, €2000 for 3-9 employees and €4000 for 10-50 employees.