Crop Monitoring


Smart4Farmer - Crop Health Monitoring

With this service, the producer is given information about the health status of the crop.
The information is given by obtaining data from the crop with drone or satellite images, or obtained from sensors.
The processed data inform us of useful parameters for the producer, such as the Photosynthetic Activity of the Plant, the Moisture contained in the Plant, the temperature, or the hydration status, or water stress of the plant, etc.
The parameters are analyzed with different criteria for each crop, and recommendations for irrigation, treatments, or alerts of possible problems are generated.
The frequency of analysis will be determined by the crop: In horticultural crops, information is generated every 5 days, while in some tree species, with a slower vegetative development, it may be enough every 20 days.
The plantation is generally monitored throughout the season, from planting to harvest.

Crop2Yield - Yield and Quality Prediction

Knowing the typical evolutions of each crop, and based on Artificial Intelligence nerural networks, we have developed prediction models, to make forecasts of the production in tons of certain crops, and even of the quality parameters. The fact that producers, especially large producers, can know in advance what productions they are going to obtain, allows them to negotiate prices, plan contracts, or organize the harvesting machinery or transport logistics.

Smart4Factory - Services for Agri-food Industry

If we know the estimated yield and the ideal harvest date for a farm, and the same applies to all farms that supply a first-stage agri-food industry, we can provide information to the industry on the expected inputs for each moment. This allows factories to plan start-up of production lines, to know the number of trucks they will need at any given time, to organize staff shifts, to know in advance the total expected productions, etc. This service also allows data analysis of a large number of farms to be carried out globally, to find behavior patterns in those farms that are producing higher production or quality, and replicate them in those that are having a less adequate behavior. Or conversely, detect problems in advance, and anticipate them to prevent them from reproducing on other farms.

Fert2Crop - Variable Rate Fertilization

“Fert2Crop” service allows you to design a prescription for a cover fertilizer in real time, depending on the variability that the development of a crop presents. Through satellite or drone image, you can adjust the fertilizer dose to the situation of each area of your crop and to the desired yield, optimizing the product dose and varying its application in real time using fertilizer spreaders with VRT technology (Variable Rate Technology)

Drone2Topo - Topographical Survey

Using the eBee Plus RTK drone together with the S.O.D.A camera we carry out precision topographic surveys much faster and more cost-effectively than with conventional methods. Thanks to the RTK system connected to a positioning network, we obtain an accuracy of 1-3 cm in planimetry and 3-5 cm in altimetry. This utility allows agricultural companies to design new plantations, stakeouts, irrigation facilities, as well as small reservoirs, cube ponds, or design irrigation drains.

Count4Plant - Plants and Trees Counti

Using images obtained with high resolution drones or private satellites and using our own algorithms, we can count the plants to detect if the planting is being carried out properly, or the trees to generate statistical inventories and thus be able to propose replanting or plan field work.